How Can You Be Safe from Scams in the Cryptocurrency Market?

Cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrency scams are just as common as cryptocurrencies in the market. You see new cryptocurrencies emerging every day. However, scams are emerging at the same pace, you just do not know about them. Just because something wrong has not happened to your crypto coins does not mean it will never happen to you. Many people have lost their precious bitcoins, litecoins, ether tokens, etc. because they were careless about security while holding on to these valuable crypto assets. If you have some digital currencies, you should know every way you can save yourself from scammers.

Read on Neuercapitalscam to find out some effective ways to thwart any cryptocurrency scams.


Ways to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams


·  Keep Your Digital Coins in Offline Wallets

As good as internet connectivity is, it can also prove to be your biggest enemy. When you are on the internet, you can say that you are virtually connected to every computer in the world. Scammers are always looking for people who are holding on to their cryptocurrencies in hot wallets. Hot wallets are wallets that are always connected to the internet. They happen to be the most unsafe form of cryptocurrency wallets. Since you are always connected to the internet, anyone can hack the money from your wallet.

What you should do to avoid this issue is to use offline wallets. These are wallets that are not connected to the internet at all times. However, you can connect them to the internet when you use them. Once you have used the wallet, you can make it go offline again, only to go online again for the next use. Staying online is like not being present on the internet at all. If you have digital currencies, you are highly recommended to use offline wallets to protect your crypto coins.


·  Be in the Know of Things Through Social Networks

Every scam comes with a new concept to make people fool. If you are new in the cryptocurrency market, you might not know all the different ways through which you can be scammed. You have to make efforts to all those methods that someone can use to scam you and deprive you of the money you have in your crypto wallet. How can you find out about the recent trends in the industry and whatever is going on wrong? Well, you use online social networking websites. In fact, you should use social networks that have a special focus on cryptocurrencies.

The best social networks to know about cryptocurrencies and everything going on in this market are Quora and Reddit. These are the platforms where you will receive first-hand information from people who are in the market just like you. They share knowledgeable information so you can stay safe as you trade cryptocurrencies. They will even tell you about any cryptocurrencies in the market that are nothing but scams.


·  Inspect the Cryptocurrency Thoroughly

Do not make the mistake of trusting a cryptocurrency too early, even if it solves a problem that you have been pointing out for years. It is easy to get carried away when someone does something that you had been proposing for several years. However, you never know if they are legitimate or a scam unless you dive deep into information. So, as soon as you notice that a new cryptocurrency has arrived, you have to run some checks. First, take a look at the website of the cryptocurrency. On one of the web pages, you will find the information about the developers of the technology.

See their information and find them on social networks. If they are not available there, you might be about to invest your money in the wrong cryptocurrency. In addition to their social profiles, you should also read the whitepaper in detail. If you do not understand it, you should ask someone with technical knowledge to simplify things for you. However, if you still cannot understand the whitepaper, then it might be an attempt from the developers to confuse you.


·  Do Not Keep Your Money with Exchanges

The one mistake that often goes unnoticed is people saving their money on online exchanges. When you exchange fiat currency for a digital currency, you have the option to store it on the exchange. However, the problem with storing money on the exchange is that you have it available on the internet at all times. The money is not with you technically. In the past, there have been many instances in which the cryptocurrency exchange got hacked. If that happens to the exchange on which you have your cryptocurrency, you can say goodbye to your crypto coins forever.


·  Trade with Online Brokers

This is a unique way of saving yourself from online cryptocurrency scams. You might not know but online brokers provide you with the option of trading in many forms. If they tell you that you can trade cryptocurrencies on their platform, you can be sure that they are allowing you that through CFD trading. In this type of trading, you do not own the cryptocurrency ever. You just trade contracts that have an underlying value associated with the cryptocurrency of your choice. Since you never own the cryptocurrency, you never lose it either.


Final Thoughts

You should not take these tips lightly since security is a huge concern in the cryptocurrency industry. Do not forget that even the biggest investors of the world have lost their bitcoins at some point, never to get them back. Play it safe, give it your time, and pick the platform that you can trust blindly with your cryptocurrency.