Why There Is No Reason to Trust Bitcoin Billionaire

Why There Is No Reason to Trust Bitcoin Billionaire

If you are thinking about investing your money in Bitcoin, we ask you to be extremely careful. This is the realm where most of the scammers are lurking. They are waiting for you to go to the side of the internet that’s full of these scams. Scam after scam – you will be surprised to know how many scams are running on the internet in the name of Bitcoin. That’s because this is the most famous cryptocurrency and one that gets you views and visibility on the internet in no time. Now, one of the many scams that are trying to rob people of their money is the Bitcoin Billionaire.

If you have just got to know about this particular online trading platform, you will know more here. You do not have to go to any fake reviews that are nothing but admiring this software for things it does (it does not). We will tell you the truth and call the spade a spade. So, why shouldn’t you trust this trading platform? Here Neuercapitalscam explain some reasons.


It Is Nothing New

Spend some time on the internet searching for Bitcoin scam and you will find many with the same pitch and particulars. You will be surprised how little effort these scammers put in their scams. They keep copy pasting the same scam in different colors and with different names. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. If you have understood that one is a scam, you have pretty much understood that they are all a big fat scam. They offer you nothing more the false hope and expectations. They are after people who know nothing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They are after people who know nothing about making money through trading. These immature minds trust their words and claims and end up spending money that they could have spent somewhere else and made real money. In short, everything that you read about Bitcoin Billionaire, you will read the same about other scams as well. For example, we encourage you to search for Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Rush on the internet. Once you have searched them, read their reviews and see their websites. You will know the truth instantly. There is nothing genuine about these scams and the products they are offering.


The Promises Can’t be Believed

You are probably the type of person who pays attention to what people are saying and then you make your opinions. If you do not judge a book by its cover, more kudos to you. So, the more you read about this scam, the more you will know about its deceptive lies. You will see that the promises made by the Bitcoin Billionaire are nothing new. Not to mention, they are so over-the-top that even a school boy will be able to tell that they are nothing but lies. So, just like other similar scams, the software promises that will predict the prices of the assets with more than 99% accuracy. That’s just not true and cannot be true.

The day this happens, the markets will crash or completely disappear. There will be no reason for financial markets to exist if everyone knows what the outcomes will be and where the prices of assets will go. It’s like knowing the result of the lottery before the lottery draw takes place. If someone claims that they know the lottery result, they are lying already. If they knew, they won’t tell you about it. Somehow, all these people who have created these Bitcoin trading softwares are the most generous people on Earth. They are offering you their platforms for free. Yes, you can join the platform for free.


The Millionaire Making Story Is Old

You are going to find the website of this scam pretty cheesy. All the claims on the website are like someone trying to come up with their own pickup lines for the first time without having a clue what girls like or hate. So, in this particular case, you will see that the claims on the website are pretty cheesy. At the same time, the way the scam tries to convince you to shell out your money is very awkward. You will see on the website that there are a lot of pictures of some great business tycoons and celebrities. What are they all doing on the website? Well, they are doing nothing.

They are on the website because the creator of the website chose to put their pictures on his/her website. There is nothing more to this story. None of the celebrities or personalities you see in the picture are endorsing the software or claiming that it works. In fact, none of them even knows about the software. There is also a video that plays as soon as you land on the website. This same video with Bill Gates in it is there on other scammer platforms as well. They keep using this video on various websites but their scam is the same.

They keep telling you that you will be a millionaire. They will even tell you that many people who joined their platform have already become millionaire now. You will be able to make thousands of dollars every day when you use this software. Well, if you make only a thousand dollars every day, you can already do the calculation and realize how long it is going to take you to be a millionaire. That’s quite a lot of time. So, you have to be making many thousands every single day to be a millionaire in two months. But you know none of it is true so you should just keep away from this scam.


The Technology Talk Is Non-Technical

People who know the technology they are using talk completely differently about it than the people who are talking about their technology on the website of this scam. You can see that they are making claims here again. The entire website is full of claims that seem exaggerated or untrue. So the creators of the software are telling you that their software is ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. Well, what does that even mean? What does it mean for a software to be ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. And what benefit can you get from the market when you are only 0.01 seconds ahead?

Can you make a decision and then execute an action on your trading software in just 0.01 seconds. Not to mention, there have been no studies on this particular for you to know how fast or slow other platforms are. Other platforms might just be faster than Bitcoin Billionaire, but you will never know it. However, the creators of this software believe that you should believe everything they tell you.

In addition to the claim stated above, you will also see that they tell you that the software uses algorithms that are sophisticated. But isn’t that something that anyone can claim? You could create a software and say that the programming you have done in the software is the most sophisticated of all. However, that’s not proof of anything. Similarly, whatever claims you see on the website are proof of nothing.


No Proper Website or Application

This one should give you a clear clue of what is going on. A scammer would not want to get caught at any cost. So, this particular scammer, just like many others, is using a way to hide on the internet. The website of the software has not been created exactly in its name. You will notice that there is a hyphen in the name of the website. That’s because the creators of this scam want to keep hidden from prying eyes. In addition to that, you will see that these creators of the software do not have any mobile application to offer you. That’s quite incompetent of them if they are really programmers and developers.

Any programmer in 2020 will create his/her software not just for desktop computers but mobiles as well. However, you can argue that the software is available in the web so it can be accessed through mobile phones as well, but that’s just one side of the story. The reality is, if the creators of the software really care about people so much, they would not stop from creating the mobile application of the software. In this particular case, there is no mobile application of the creators of this software. And don’t be fooled by the Bitcoin Billionaire game on Play Store, that’s a completely different thing, and has nothing to do with this trading scam.


Final Thoughts

Just because Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency out there and has the potential of making you millions does not mean it will make every investor and trader a millionaire. There are many established online brokers out there that can help you with your Bitcoin trading. They will even provide you with some leverage so you can increase your profits on your trades. The only thing you must avoid doing is signing up with an online scam like this one.