Bitcoin Rush Scam – It’s the Same Old Story with a New Cover

Bitcoin Rush Scam – It’s the Same Old Story with a New Cover

You want to make money and there are more ways to make money than you may realize. However, the only path that you do not have to pick is signing up with an online scam. You will be surprised to know that there are just as many scams on the internet as there are legitimate businesses. More importantly the cryptocurrency market is new and has a lot of potential. The world is going crazy about Bitcoin with the passage of time as it continues to realize that importance of this cryptocurrency. That has given many online scammers the opportunity to make a fool out of the ordinary people.

If you are someone specifically looking to make money through Bitcoin trading, you have to save yourself more than any other trader in the world. You will encounter scammers of all kind as you continue to search for that perfect online broker that would provide you with the perfect opportunity to make money through Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Rush tries to be that platform where you can make money by trading Bitcoin. However, this particular trading software is not what it claims to be. Read on Neuercapitalscam to find out find out why we are saying that about this software.

Bitcoin Rush – Same Scam Different Name


●  No Proof of Authenticity

When you browse the website of Bitcoin rush scam, you will not find any proof of authenticity that it is the right trading platform that you can use for making money. You will not even know what it really is. First of all, it is clearly not a broker. It is a software that you will be using to make money. However, a software is not enough to make money from financial markets. You still have to sign up with an online broker to that then gives you access to financial markets. You can then choose the assets that you want to trade and earn your losses and profits on those trades.

So, when you sign up on this trading platform, you will still be needing the services of an online broker. And yes, you will actually be signing up with an online broker through this software. But who has started this software? Who created this software and why? You will never get to know these details no matter how much you browse on the waste. They tell you that the software is being used by many members already who have made a lot of money, but they will never provide you with any proof of those claims. Keep in mind that some random bank statements and real-time moving numbers are never proof of anything. You can run such programs with some basic programming as well.


●  The Winning Rate Is a Joke

The winning rate mentioned on the website of Bitcoin Rush is nothing but a joke. You cannot trust a software that claims that it will win more than 99% of the trades for you. If everyone is going to make this amount of money, who will be losing money? In simple words, the software is based on a foundation that collapses when you look at its impact in the long-term. It may seem like a pyramid scheme. Do keep in mind that it is not a pyramid scheme in any way. However, the concept of everyone making money is nothing but a farce.

So, every trade that you enter, you can enter with confidence? Why? That’s because the software tells you that you will be trading with 99.4% accuracy on your trades. That’s just not possible when the people who have created the software are humans who cannot speculate or predict the prices of the assets with that much accuracy. Humans can create machines that can simulate them. These machines can simulate them faster but they cannot do things that they have not been thought. Even artificial intelligence is programmed to learn automatically, which means it has been given a command.


●  The Working Times Are Over the Top

Imagine you are buying a new smartphone. You go to the market and ask around to know which smartphone will be the best for you. Now, you might not know about every smartphone and every feature that comes on smartphones. However, just your basic knowledge of smartphones can help you in knowing when a shop owner is lying to you. When they tell you that the batter of the smartphone will work without any problem for 2 days, you can trust them. However, you will just walk off if they tell you that the battery won’t die even if you keep using the internet on the phone for one month.

At that point, you know that the claim is too big to be true. You cannot have a smartphone that can keep running for months without needing a charge even when you are using the internet on it. Those batteries have just not been invented yet. In a similar way, you should know when a trading software is being backed by ridiculous and over-the-top claims even if you do not fully know about trading softwares. So, on the website of the Bitcoin Rush software, you see the claim that users of the software work only 20 minutes in a day. Well, that makes sense so far. But then the software developers tell you that these people make millions within a couple of months with that amount of work.

That’s just not true and your mind will not accept it either. The claims only work to a certain extent. After that limit, they become blatant lies and nothing more. So, the claims made by the creators of this bot trading software are over-the-top and unbelievable.


●  You Just Can’t Contact Anyone

One of the telltale and common signs of online scams is that they do not provide you with a way to get in touch with them. That’s because they have to provide proper phone number and address for that. If a scam does that, it will be forced to reveal its location and that’s what the scammers do not want. So, there is no point in giving out personal contact details on the website. That’s what you see a lot of Bitcoin software providers on the internet. They make huge claims about making you a lot of money through their software, but they will never tell you who they are.

So, you never know where your money is going when you sign up on this software. At the same time, there is no one for you to get in touch with when you have a problem with your account. There is only a form on the website that you can fill out and send. In that form, you will insert your name, email address and the concern you have. In other words, you will not even know any email address from the software creators. Eventually, you will end up believing that you are signing up with some online ghosts. Now, what if they disappear with your money? Who will you catch? Who will you sue? You will not have anyone to catch or sue. The thing is, you never knew who you signed up with in the first place.


●  The Video Says Nothing

If you spend some time online and search for some more bot trading platforms, you will discover some commonalities. You will notice that their websites and pitches are the same. It is as though the person behind all of these scams is the same. He/she just copy pastes stuff to create copies of the scam and spreads it as much as possible. If you look at the top of the page of Bitcoin Rush, you will notice a video. This video runs automatically and the only way to stop it is by clicking on it. You can never skip it forward or backward. In short, there is no way for you to know if a certain part in the video was edited.

Now, when you watch the video, you will see many big tycoons, business personalities, celebrities, etc. appear on the screen one by one. They are talking about Bitcoin and how it is a revolutionary currency in the world. However, you will notice that none of these people talks about the Bitcoin Rush software. So, just because some people are talking about spaceships, you will trust me when I tell you that I am going to sell you a spaceship for just $100? So, everything that appears on the video is irrelevant. The more interesting part of the video is that it is copy pasted from many other Bitcoin scam that are running simultaneously on the internet.


Final Thoughts

Investing your money in Bitcoin can be a lucrative investment. However, you have to make sure that you do it through only the most reliable names in the industry. Go for an online broker that has been around for many years. Look for regulation information on the website. Read reviews from other customers, and make sure that the broker you are about to sign up with does not make any over-the-top claims.