Bitcoin Revolution Scam – 5 Signs That Tell You It Is a Scam

Bitcoin Revolution Scam – 5 Signs That Tell You It Is a Scam

You want to make money and bring stability in your financial life. If yes, you are not the only one on this mission. Millions of people around the world are busy finding ways to make money so they can live happily by fulfilling the desires of their loved ones. However, making money is not easy, especially when you have so many money grabbers out there. Yes, in the world of trading, you will find a lot of online scams that are there only to rob you of your money. As much as people should stay away from them, hundreds and thousands of people sign up with them on a daily basis and lose their money.

Bitcoin Revolution is among the famous online scams. The scam involves the use of an online trading platform that can make money on your behalf. Should you trust the claims that the developers of this software make? Can you really trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with it and make money? Not really! In this article, Neuercapitalscam brings you the five factors that prove that Bitcoin Revolution is nothing more than a scam.

5 Signs Proving Bitcoin Revolution a Scam


1.  Follows in the Footsteps of Other Scams

If you browse on the internet and search for Bitcoin trading platforms, you will receive a huge surprise. What surprise could that be? Well, you will notice that there are many different Bitcoin scam that all look the same. Yes, when you land on their websites, you find out that they are only slightly modified and hardly any different from each other. Even the website layouts of these scams are the same. You will notice that they have a video on top and underneath the video, they tell you a little story about the software. After that, they show you a few pictures that are enticing for anyone who wants to live a beautiful life.

After that, they explain to you the signup procedure and then some more stuff about how it is very easy for you to make money with the software. This particular layout is not limited to Bitcoin Revolution. You can’t say that Bitcoin Revolution was the first one to use this layout and so it is a legitimate business. In fact, many other scams whose websites look the same have been around for more time than Bitcoin Revolution. There is no reason to make yourself believe in scams. If the people behind this particular project were honest and legitimate, they would never copy scam websites.

Not to mention, when you are legitimate business, you always go with your own style. You are honest with your audience in every aspect. On the other hand, Bitcoin Revolution’s website seems as though the developers were in no mood to do the hard work. They just wanted to make money and so they copied and pasted the design of other scams that they thought looked great.

2.  Does Not Clarify Anything

A lot of stuff is left to your imagination when you sign up on this platform. So, who created the software? You will never know about it. Is there a regulation authority that regulates the operation of this software? If you read the information available online, you will find out in some places that the software was started by many brokers as a joint venture. If that’s true, the brokers should not be hiding their identity. After all, they are brokers who provide services to many other clients, right? Why would they want to hide their identities? Not to mention, if what they are doing has nothing to do with privacy and secrecy, there is no reason for them to hide their faces. So, when you are being asked to sign up on a trading platform without ever knowing who created it, you should just stay back.

At the same time, you will see in many places that the software works on advanced algorithms that make it one of the fastest and most reliable trading platforms. You might want to ask, “How do I know that the algorithms are unique and advanced?” Well, if you are someone who does not understand programming languages and technical jargon, you have no way of knowing which technology the software is using. However, the creators have not bothered to create a way for you to know that their algorithms are the most advanced and trustable algorithms out there. Should they do a comparison?

3.  No Application Available

What will you say about a trading platform that does not have a mobile application available today? Even the smallest online brokers are now creating their own applications for their traders to trade on the go. Keep in mind that offering a mobile application is all about customer experience. A web-based trading platform can be used just like an application. You can access it from anywhere in the world and using any device of your choice. However, online brokers create mobile applications in addition to their web-based trading platforms to provide a unique trading experience to their traders.

But why would these scams not have their own applications? Well, the answer is more straightforward than you might have thought. Since they are scams, they cannot create an application. Creating a trading application for traders requires a lot of money. It requires time, money and effort. A scammer would not do that because if the scam fails, he/she will be in a huge loss. At the same time, there is a lot of scrutiny that takes place when you upload your application to Play Store or App Store. A scammer would not dare go through that scrutiny. For that reason, you will notice that most of these softwares are not available on smartphones in the form of smartphone applications.

4.  It’s the Longer Route

If you notice, the Bitcoin Revolution software does not solve any problem. So, what’s the biggest problem for traders when they want to start trading? Well, the biggest challenge is that they have to find the right broker, create a trading account, learn trading, and then start trading. What are you doing with the Bitcoin Revolution software? Well, you will be surprise to know that you are doing the exact same thing, but you are adding an additional step. You are going through a software when you do not even have to. At the same time, what this software has to offer is nothing unique.

So, you first sign up with this software, you provide your personal information, and then you have to deposit $250 in your account. You do the same when you sign up with an online broker. What’s the difference then? What are you getting from this software that you will not be getting from the online broker? You might say you are getting to trade through a bot. Once again, you might want to explore a few online brokers. You will soon find out that many of them offer you the feature of bot trading. In this type of trading, you can put their software on autopilot mode and it does the trading for how.

However, you have to choose a lot of filters and commands before your software can trade successfully on your behalf. On the other hand, Bitcoin Revolution says it will work for you out of the box.

5.  Its Claims Are Untrue

Go to the website of any responsible and established broker, and you will never find a claim. No matter how good the broker is, it will never make any claims about your earnings. That’s a huge blunder that a broker can make because there is no way to know how much money you will make. You are using the trading platform from the broker, and that’s about it. Whether you win or lose your trades depends totally on you. You are the one responsible for making profits on your trades. You are the one responsible if you end up with a loss on your trade.

If you look closely on the website, you will see that the software claims to have a 88% accuracy level in predicting the prices of the assets. That’s a huge mistake on the part of the software creators. If that’s the case, why do they say that this software will help experienced traders with practice only? Why can’t this same software make experienced traders rich? Well, the creators of the platform know that experienced traders would never sign up on their trading platform. Hence, they do not want to make any claims.

Final Thoughts

You should not sign up with any online platform if it makes any claims about your earnings. Even if the platform says that it will predict the prices of the assets with 50% accuracy, you still should not trust it. There is no reason for a trading platform or broker to make any claims. Their job is to provide a great trading platform to the traders and access into financial markets. They are not the ones to make any claims on how much a trader would win.