Bitcoin Pro Scam – It Is a Scam and You Must Avoid It

Bitcoin Pro Scam – It Is a Scam and You Must Avoid It

You want to make money by investing some in Bitcoin. You are thinking about a trading career that can bring in some extra cash that you can use to make your life financially reliable. Perhaps, you have some debts on you and your savings are just not enough to repay them, so you want to invest money so not only can you repay the money, but you can also make some for yourself. However, you were unfortunate enough to run into a scam like Bitcoin Pro. Yes, this scam has been spreading on the internet like wildfire.

Before we even go into the details of explaining this scam, let’s just say straightforwardly that it is a scam and you should stay away from it. Neuercapitalscam explains to you in the details.


What Is Bitcoin Pro?

First, you have to get an understanding of what Bitcoin Pro is all about. In simple words, it is a Bitcoin scam. A Bitcoin scam is any tactic that some unknown people use to deprive you of your Bitcoin or make you spend your fiat currency to get your hands on Bitcoin. Either way, you are the one who has to pay the price of falling for such a scam. In this particular scenario, Bitcoin Pro tells you that there is a software that you can use to make money by trading Bitcoin. Well, there are many other softwares, known as trading platforms, where you can trade Bitcoin and make money.

However, this one is a bit different. It tells you that you can make money by using the software through its automated trading feature. Yes, you do not need any skills or talent. You just use the software and it makes you money. The idea is that you sign up on the software and create your account. After creating your trading account, you just put the software on autopilot mode. The software is accurate at predicting the prices of Bitcoin with an accuracy of 99.4%. Now, how cool is that? If that’s the accuracy of the prediction of this software, the creators should not have given anyone the access to it.

The whole pitch revolves around the idea of making you rich. You will see that there are claims of a Bitcoin Pro Club, which supposedly consists of people who use Bitcoin Pro, make millions of dollars from it, and live a life that you can only dream of. Yes, that’s what the pitch is all about, and you can tell right there that it is a scam that follows the same pitch that has been around for several years.


How Can You Use Bitcoin Pro?

You will use Bitcoin Pro by signing up on it. The creators of the software keep telling you that you will not have to spend a single penny to sign up on the software. Well, yes, you do not have to pay a penny to sign up with any service in the world. You do not even have to pay any money when you sign up with an online broker with a trading account. You do, however, have to pay money when it comes to trading. So, you select the sign up option right on the website of the software. After that, you enter your details and then proceed. At the end of the process, you have to deposit at least $250 in your account to start trading.

That’s where things get fishy. Why do you have to deposit this much of money when you can turn your $1 into millions in no time. After all, the software can predict the price of Bitcoin with an accuracy of 99.4%. Actually, this is what’s happening with you. You are only being signed up with one of the hundreds of online brokers that allow you to sign up with them for the same amount. In fact, there are many brokers that require only $100 from you to start your trading account.


Catch the Clues of the Scam

Here are some clues that you can catch to know that you are dealing with a scam and nothing else.


●  It Copies Stuff from Other Scams

Browse on the internet for some time and search for crypto trading bots. You will find dozens of softwares that claim to help you make money from Bitcoin trading. They all look the same. In fact, when you look at their websites, they are almost identical. You have a video on top of the main page, and then some information about how the software works, and then the pictures of the celebrities. You will also see some pictures of people enjoying their lives. The process of signing up is also the same. Almost all of these Bitcoin scam softwares ask you to deposit only $250 in your account to start trading.

The video that plays on the website is also the same. You have the same person reading the news. Another thing you will notice is that they do not make any claims about the software explicitly. On the website, you will see that most of the claims in large font size are not about the software. These claims are only about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is great, Bitcoin can do that, and Bitcoin is about to do that in the world. These are the types of headlines you will read on these websites of most of these Bitcoin scams. Now, how Bitcoin performs on the charts and where it goes in the future has nothing to do with the software. This is just some noise to get you excited to invest your money in the software.

You will also see pictures of people who have already made money with the Bitcoin scam. In the case of Bitcoin Pro, you will see a live chart on the website showing you people and their profits. It is amazing how everyone is making a profit of hundreds and thousands of dollars through the software. However, you never get to know about these people, the softwares they are using, or the fact whether they even exist or not.


●  The Celebrity Interviews

Famous celebrities act like social signals for people before they do something. If a big celebrity has invested in a particular project, you can invest in it too right? Well, what if the celebrity you are seeing on the website does not even know about the Bitcoin Scam that you are about to become a prey of? The reality is, these celebrities know nothing about these scams and have nothing to do with these trading softwares. Their pictures are used only as social signals and to win your trust. When you look at these celebrities, you instantly think that they have endorsed the software. In reality, nowhere does it say on the website that these celebrities have endorsed the software.

Even if you see some clip of a celebrity, you will notice that he/she is talking about Bitcoin. Just because someone talked about Bitcoin in some interview does not mean they asked you to trust Bitcoin Pro. Almost all the online Bitcoin scams do the same thing i.e. using celebrities to make your mind think a certain way.


●  The Fake Awards and Prizes

A Bitcoin scam will do anything that in its access to make you think that it is a legitimate business. So, when you look at Bitcoin Pro, you will be bombarded with a lot of things altogether. The first attack on you is through the video. The second attack on you is by making you think emotionally by reminding you of your current life and a dreamy life that awaits you. The third way to attack you is through celebrities who are apparently using the software and making money from it. The last attack is in the form of awards and prizes. The software creators claim that they have won prizes and awards.

You can go into the details of the claims they make about winning prizes and awards. You will not find anything. They put fake logos and stickers on their websites as stamps of authentication that they are doing legitimate business and that many regulating authorities and entities recognize them. However, all of those stickers are fake. In addition to that, you can look up the name of the association that according to them has given them a particular award. You will not find that association anywhere. However, you will definitely find some other associations and organizations that have a similar name.


Final Thoughts

There should be no doubt in your mind that Bitcoin Pro is nothing more than a scam. Not to mention, it is just one of the tens of other scams that look the same and have the same sales pitch. They keep talking about making you rich but have no other proofs to back their claims. They use the so-called state-of-the-art technologies, but never explain what those technologies are. Last but not least, they do not even have their own official websites. They usually use websites that are not named after their software or the Bitcoin Scam. A hyphen or the addition of some word is usually common for them to create their websites.